Caring for your Jewellery - Important Tips!

Caring for your Jewellery…

Through our daily grooming rituals, we are frequently exposed to various chemicals which may not harm us, but could be harmful to our jewellery: hair spray, mouse, body lotion, moisturizer, perfume, make-up, shaving cream, and soap, just to name a few.

These chemicals can wear plating on jewellery, to prevent this tarnish, remove your jewellery before bathing and grooming, and put it on right before you get on with your day.

Before you’re about to clean the kitchen, assemble a bike or do any other work around the house, make sure that you take off all your jewellery.

Harsh, abrasive household cleaners can tarnish and leave dulling scratches.

Chlorine bleach may be able to save those dirty socks, but it can destroy your jewellery, especially silver plate.

When silver Plate is exposed to chlorine bleach, the chemical has an oxidizing effect on the metal, causing the metal to turn an unsightly black. To be safe, always remove your jewellery before working with chlorine bleach.

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